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The long term solution

Osteo-Ti Celebrates many years of Dental Implant innovation

Flying the flag for many yOsteo-Ti Dental Implant Systemears, Osteo-Ti is at the forefront of British dental implant, component and instrument design and innovation.

Many concepts and design features, now taken for granted, were first pioneered by Osteo-Ti, such as pre-angled, low profile abutments, self tapping root form tapered dental implants, trial abutments or aesthetic guide pins, the original click in transfer as well as non-hospital based dental implant training courses for general dental practitioners.
Customer care and back up have always been given top priority and is provided by our team of professionally trained system consultants. Not only do they assist and give advice on the system, but they also train your support staff.

Osteo-Ti is probably the only system where the dentist can speak directly to the designer, Stewart Harding, who is a practising implantologist with many years experience in the field. Indeed it is through response to feedback that many of the system enhancements have been achieved.

From its conception Osteo-Ti has always valued, supported and promoted training for the practitioner and the dental team. From study days, one to one mentoring, through to implant year courses and beyond Osteo-Ti has provided innovative practical teaching and will continue to do so.

A fundamental principle of Osteo-Ti has always been that the patient should never be made to match the dental implant system, but that the system must match the patient. Maintaining this principle the system has evolved since 1992 from series I through to Ezee Combi to become one of the most user, patient and laboratory friendly available.

Our conceptOsteo-Ti Dental Implant System

Often simplification is achieved at a cost, making a system less flexible so ultimately reducing effectiveness.  Ezee Combi has been designed to be easy to use without sacrificing flexibility or quality.
We believe the goal of modern implant dentistry should be tissue augmentation, restoring both function and aesthetics predictably. This applies not only to how the dental implant maintains bone but also the manner in which it maintains soft and hard tissue contour supporting aesthetics. In achieving this goal it is important that the dental implant be designed as such that it facilitates surgical placement conserving hard and soft tissues.