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Standard dental implant placement kit

The standard placement kit contains everything you need to begin the placement and restoration of dental implants. Multifunctional instrumentation means that with the Combi system it is possible to treat the majority of cases with a surgical kit comprising of minimal instrumentation.

Standard kit contents list

Site Former *1
Osteotomy burrs *2 (Pilot and USB burr)
Implant driver*1
Hex drivers* (Universal Hex Tool and Extender)

Bone Manipulators



Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System

This set of three osteotomes is used sequentially to shape the maxillary bone at the osteotomy site in readiness for dental implant insertion. Each have titanium alloy working tips, and resilient resin knobs on the handles provide comfortable palm rests during application. The resin knobs act as grips to aid instrument withdrawal and also absorb the impact of malleting. During malleting a distinct tonal change is heard as the instrument tip nears the opposing cortical plate. On the side of the resin knob is engraved the size of the instrument.  Colour sequencing bands on the metal handles act as a guide to the selection of the correct instrument during bone manipulation. There are two types of bone manipulator, dilator and site former.

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System

The curvature of tip has been developed to minimise stress concentration during ridge dilation, with sharpened radii aiding insertion of the instrument. A depth line at 10mm from the tip indicates the point at which the next instrument in the sequence should be inserted.

Site Formers

These are three tapered osteotomes, “O” shaped in cross section, which are used to improve bone quality by condensing fine bone trabeculae and also for sinus augmentation.
The tips have concave ends as removing the point reduces the potential risk of piercing the sinus membrane during indirect sinus lift. Unlike dilators or pilot site former these instruments match the dental implant core geometry and shape the osteotomy site ready for dental implant insertion. The corresponding dental implant diameter is engraved on the resin handle.