Universal component compatability

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System
All prosthetic components and healing collars fit all dental implant diameters so greatly simplifying restoration techniques and reducing inventory. Any component can be used with any diameter dental implant platform – how easy is that to remember!

The restorative components all incorporate a taper lock and hex connection forming a biologic seal. These eliminate odour and increase stability so reducing the incidence of abutment loosening.

Anchor lock-on abutments are available as either screw or friction fit so giving  the dentist complete freedom to select the type of retention necessary to the restorative demands of the case.

Low Profile Abutment Screw

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System

Only one size of retaining screw is used throughout the of the system and so reduces the need for a large amount of stock. The domed screw heads reduced size allows deeper screw seating within the abutment, thus improving abutment stability. Lower profile screw heads allow greater abutment preparation whilst avoiding the risk of screw head damage. Underneath the screw head is a taper that on tightening engages the internal abutment taper locking them together. This minimises the incidence of abutment loosening. The possibility of cross threading is minimised by a unique lead-in tip that guides the screw during insertion.

Angled abutments

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System

Multiple Features

  • Anchor Lock Seal - All restorative components have a taper lock and hex connection which form a biologic seal to eliminate odour and increase stability so reducing the incidence of abutment loosening.
  • Taper lock reduces component loosening
  • Hex location available in 0 and 30 degree offsets so allowing horizontal location in 360 degrees
  • Available in vertical angles 0 to 30 degrees in 5 degree increments
  • One abutment diameter fits all implant diameters
  • Prepable abutment allows precise placement of intrasulcular margins
  • Control of the emergence profile
  • Anti-rotational flats
Combining a hex with a taper lock produces an abutment range with infinite three dimensional angular corrections freeing the technician from the restorative constraints imposed by limited abutment choice.

Hex Location

Hex Offset

Combi abutments have an offset hex. This means that there are 12 positions that the abutment can fit into the implant giving the greatest flexibility to the laboratory thus ensuring the most aesthetic design.

Horizontal Off-Set Angular Correction

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System
Twelve horizontal positions are possible due to the off-set hex alignment system developed by Stewart Harding. Each vertical angle correction is also available in one of two horizontal, either 0 or 30 degree off-set hex positions. This range of abutments gives the restorative stability of a six sided hex with restorative flexibility of twelve horizontal positions.