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Minimal laboratory components

Ezee-Combi is technician friendly and is easy to work with and manage in terms of component ordering and stock inventory.

For details please call our Laboratory Consultant Andrew Jackson on (+44) 1481 241117.

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The analogue matches all dental implant diameters so simplifying ordering and restorative procedures. The flared, polished neck helps in the fabrication of soft tissue models and the short tapered tail avoids the problems encountered with bulkier designs.

Laboratory abutment selection system

Aesthetic guide pins are precision replicas for the entire low profile lock on abutment range from 0 to 30 degrees. (Laboratory use only)

This abutment "try-in kit” consists of thirteen replicas of the various abutments so that several options can be tried before a final decision is made. The try-in kit simplifies the component selection process at the laboratory by allowing evaluation of several abutment options before selecting the definitive abutment itself.

In selecting the final abutment to be used for the definitive prosthesis, several factors are important.

    * the emergence profile of the restoration
    * the distance from the top of the implant to the soft tissue surface
    * the amount of soft tissue available to surround the chosen abutment
    * the space available between the implant and the opposing dentition

Selection wheel

This houses the guide pin system safely and organises them in the correct order, thus aiding the selection process.

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System

The wheel also has provision to store the laboratory universal hex tool.

Laboratory guide pins

The guide pins are manufactured at the same angles as the abutments. There are two of each angle so that large frameworks can be easily created.

 Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System

Laboratory Universal Hex tool

Osteo-Ti Dental Implant System
A laboratory driver used to insert and remove low profile screws.