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Osteo-Ti System

Ezee-Combi is an extremely versatile and powerful dental implant system combining multiple treatment applications in a single system. Ezee-Combi combines the proven beneficial features of dental implant design into one system; a taper lock implant abutment interface and platform switching with the restorative advantages of the internal hex.

Orthodontic Foundation ProgrammeThe Ezee Anchor Lock system achieves this goal by incorporating the latest thinking and developments in one system which is both easy to use and manage so making it the most advanced multi-featured available.
The Osteo-Ti system is extremely versatile and powerful combining multiple treatment applications for all your implant needs.

  • Delayed Dental Implant Placement
  • Immediate Dental Implant Placement 
  • Immediate Tooth Substitution
  • Submergence profile support
  • Early Dental Implant Loading
  • Sinus Floor Elevation
  • Simplified Ridge expansion
There is minimal equipment so eliminating the need for bulky kits. In fact, you can begin placing Osteo-Ti dental implants with as few as 5 instruments, much reducing initial start up costs.

There are further pieces of equipment that you can purchase once your dental implant practice is up and running. If you are not sure about what you will need a system consultant will be happy to visit you and quite often can lend you many items of kit so that you can make an informed decision. (Try Before You Buy)

Our system consultants will be happy to answer your questions and it is on this personal service that Osteo-Ti prides itself. Whether it be coming out in an emergency to lend you items of kit, to sending out orders and dental implants at the shortest of notice, to general questions and feedback, Osteo-Ti is here to help.